About Me

Emma Bennett Hi, I’m EMMA BENNETT and I am an ADHD MUM OF THREE!

When my eldest child was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 8 I couldn’t help but notice a lot of similarities between myself and him. It wasn’t that either of us were particularly hyperactive, not in the way I’d been led to believe ADHD manifests itself. I thought that kids with ADHD were always running around and shouting, and if anything I thought I was lazy. I never seemed to get anything done, the house was a mess, I was always late and I constantly lost things.

I spoke to my doctor about it, expecting her to tell me that I was being ridiculous, but the next thing I knew I was on a waiting list and on the first visit to the specialist I was diagnosed with ADHD.

Well, it’s been a steep learning curve; that was five years ago and I’m still researching, reading and learning about ADHD to understand my condition and to take control of it. For way too long I allowed ADHD to make me feel worthless. I’d look at families around me, I’d watch mums with immaculate make-up dropping their children at school with perfectly braided hair and look down at my own children who were lucky to have a packed lunch and a clean shirt, and I’d feel like they deserved a better mother than me.

But that stops here. I’m here to tell you about what I’ve learned, to share interesting research and strategies to tackle the every day problems that those with ADHD face, sometimes without even realising that ADHD is the root cause. I’m here to show you how to find the positive traits in ADHD, and how to use them to your advantage; to change the way you think about ADHD.

ADHD does not have to stop you from following your dream job, or raising your family. You can take control. It won’t happen overnight, but with small steps you can get there.

Join me on a journey to embrace ADHD!